Bollywood Bliss Has Become A Bollywood News Brand That Millions Follow For Their Daily Fix

More than 3 million followers get their social media feeds lit up with the latest news in Bollywood and Entertainment from Bollywood Bliss.

Bollywood Bliss satiates the craving of a typical millennial Bollywood fan. Who’s wearing what, red carpet glamour, celebrity interviews, gym runs, movie promotions, and all the other goings-on of tinsel town are served to them – fresh and hot.

Newsmakers and trendsetters from the industry find place under one umbrella. Knowing what’s in and what’s not is just a glance away.

The platform was launched in 2015 when content consumption trends in the digital world were changing. Founder saw the opportunity of building a Bollywood brand that would be in-sync with content consumption patterns on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social media platforms.

“Bollywood-loving audiences want to know what celebrities are doing.”

“Building Bollywood Bliss has been a long ride. There is no quick fix and you’re not going to have a real brand with millions of followers in a day. You have to be ready to run the course,” she adds.

Identifying trends is one thing but by itself, it is not enough. “Spend time observing and understanding your insights and analytics.”

“Serving over 100 million impressions every month across social media platforms has purely been a result of doing that,” he adds.

These kinds of numbers and audience retention has made Bollywood Bliss an attractive platform for marketing campaigns of movies, web series and more. Amazon Prime, Lays, Snickers, Reliance Entertainment, Taco Bell and Mahindra & Mahindra are just some of the brands that the platform has collaborated with, for their marketing campaigns.

And it’s not just the masses, even celebrities are among Bollywood Bliss long-time followers too.

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