A New Line of Pour-Over Sauces From ‘High on Chicken’ is Set to Enter The World of Sauces, Like a Beast


The much awaited High on Chicken (HOC) Sauces, a premium range of sauces created by two friends, Manish Tahiliani and Gaurav Lakhani, are finally here. These delicious sauces have been designed for every taste bud and to please every sense out there! There are 8 flavours in the wide range of HOC sauces –

  1. Fiery Hot
  2. Burnt Garlic
  3. Original Buffalo
  4. Peri Peri
  5. Orange Chilli
  6. Mango Chilli
  7. Cajun Jalapeno
  8. Spicy BBQ


About a year ago, Manish and Gaurav realised there was no product in the market like the one they could envision, they started working on the HOC sauces with no idea how long the process would be or how successful the sauces would be, but just six months later, High on Chicken sauces were launched for sale!


HOC’s Founder and MD, Manish Tahiliani, said during the brand’s launch, “We believe that empowering Indian millennials with information and choices is at the core of our products. India’s growing organic food market offers consumers plenty of options but lacks authenticity. Our goal is to allow them to choose credible, responsibly sourced, and organic products delivered right to their door at their convenience. We believe that honesty is the most palatable quality. Our products are transparent about every ingredient they contain, and our R&D is the key to delivering this natural deliciousness without any synthetic flavours or preservatives. It enables us to bring clean offerings to our consumers without compromising on the quality and taste.”

He added: “Our new range of chicken sauces are the perfect crowd-pleasing partners which will elevate any dish, meeting consumers’ emerging versatility and customisation needs. We look forward to seeing our new ranges across high-street parlours and all of the inventive ways our customers will use these mouth-watering sauces to boost their chicken cuisine.”


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