Baji Darade: The Final Word for Digital India

GATITAA: A Decade-long Traversal Towards Digital Revolution

Mr. Baji Darade, is an entrepreneur and Director of GATITAA, the one-stop destination for responsive, reliable, and Digital marketing world. He is a professional, Certified in Multiple Technologies including Microsoft, Google, etc., and with 10+ years of Executive Leadership experience in the Technology sector, spanning a variety of roles such as business development personnel, strategic planning collaborator, specific role in sales, and Digital marketing world. Along with his strongly developed skills in Entrepreneurship, he completed his Education in Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Pune in 2009. He has the objective of expanding, and the Global positioning of GATITAA as faster as possible.

As an ISO 9001 2015 Certified Company, the company achieved Startup Recognition from the Govt. of India. As the originator of GATITAA, Mr.Baji Darade has undertaken a 10 Years/ Decade journey in Web Technologies and IT Industry as Entrepreneur or Influencer. He launched GATITAA in the year 2010 as a Digital Agency that will create brands on the web since he existed as a proficient entrepreneur and was fascinated by the Digital world. Actively working with exceptional organizations and brands, GATITAA is currently ruled as the Top Digital Agencies in Pune. As the founder and the Director, he must be proud to expose the truth that GATITAA has rooted its Business in 17 Different countries at the Global level.

As per his expectations, Digital Transformation will play a major role in modern India in the future, and he desires to be positioned himself as one of the leading figures in this Digital Space. GATITAA has expanded from a modest, single-person company to one that holds 1200+ Clients’ Portfolios globally. The company is offering various services in all areas of Digital Technology, such as Web Designing, UI/UX, Digital Marketing,  Mobile Apps Development, E- commerce, full stack development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphics Designing, and Social Media management. GATITAA is the destination for all activities related to improving the Web presence of Marketing Management such as Digital Marketing and Branding.

The company views its fundamental competencies as having extensive IT knowledge, producing high-quality work, satisfying clients as the company’s assets, and meeting deadlines. As a team leader as well as a team player, Mr.Baji Darade has undertaken the goal of Motivating other businessmen through online free training and Business Meetups. He is the type of person who always approaches life with optimism.

As an Executive of the reputed company GATITAA, he believes himself as the person to carry out distinct promises for the clients with the full obligation. As an industrialist, he used to carry out an important role in Setting short-term/long-term goals, coordinating with my team to define business and marketing strategies, harmonizing in decision-making, executing and tracking success-oriented strategies, and playing a key role in GATITAA’s International and domestic business development. He always desires to view the luminous side of things neglecting the failures that happened on the way. 

To accomplish the commitments to the clients, the company provides services that are tailored to client-specific criteria. The company has a team that will always go the extra mile to understand clients’ specific expectations in order to provide them with the services they require.


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