The Big Chill Restaurant Defies Supreme Court Order, Imposes 10% Service Charge On Customers

The Big Chill, a popular restaurant, has put up a poster on its gate stating that it charges a 10% service charge on the total bill. This move has sparked controversy as the Supreme Court of India has ordered that restaurants cannot impose a service charge on their customers.

According to reports, the restaurant has decided to go against the law and continue with the service charge. When asked about the matter, a representative from The Big Chill said that they believe customers are free to choose whether or not to dine at their establishment and that they will continue to impose the service charge until told otherwise.


Poster at “The Big Chill” stating “We levy 10% service charge on the total bill”


When customers visit The Big Chill and finish their meal, they may be surprised to hear about the poster on the gate stating that a 10% service charge is mandatory. This situation can embarrass customers unaware of the service charge and may not have budgeted for it. Some customers may feel pressured to pay the charge despite not wanting to, which can create an uncomfortable and unfair situation.

The restaurant’s decision to impose the service charge not only goes against the law but also puts customers in an awkward and potentially embarrassing position, which can be seen as disrespectful and insulting to their rights as consumers. This has angered many customers who feel that The Big Chill is disrespecting, dishonoring the court’s law, and insulting the people. 

It is important to note that the new CCPA Guidelines state that no hotel or restaurant shall charge service tax, and no consumer is obliged to pay the service charge. Hence, it is illegal for restaurants to impose a service charge on their customers. The Supreme Court had stated that the service charge is optional and that customers are free to leave it out of their bill if they wish.

This act of defiance by The Big Chill is a cause for concern and may set a precedent for other restaurants to follow suit. If other restaurants decide to flout the law and impose a service charge on their customers, it could lead to confusion and mistrust among consumers.

Many have suggested that the restaurant be fined for violating the law and that its license is suspended until it complies with the Supreme Court’s order.

It remains to be seen what actions will be taken against The Big Chill for its refusal to comply with the Supreme Court’s order. However, it is clear that the restaurant’s decision to impose a service charge on its customers is a blatant violation of the law and an insult to the people.

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