CUET : A different style to start UG courses, The Author Dr. Mukesh Setia (Educator and motivator) in the field of Edification says :   

The common University Entrance Test (CUET), earlier known as Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) is an all-India test being organized by National Testing Agency for admission to various Undergraduate, Integrated, Postgraduate, Diploma, Certification courses and Research Programme students  in 45 Central Universities of India. It is also accepted by number of other State Universities and Deemed universities in India.

Every year more and more universities are added , with new boundaries , re opening  gates to the foreign universities, there is a greater possibility that soon Foreign Universities’ can also take admission of the Indian Sub continental region through this test. 

Importance of CUET,



The country is still recovering from COVID situations, and CUET stated right in the middle of COVID, but now the clear picture of CUET has immerged, that this is the DOOR_WAY to admission to UG courses.  


  • No biased 

Cuet gives the opportunity to all the students , its not important here that if you are school topper or subject topper or hold the highest rank in the school, or may be s/he is good at one subject but lacking in other so his/her percentage used to get effected during his/her admission, but now students can get admissions on domain based courses like for computer- science Hons. Student don’t necessary require chemistry so the possibility of taking admission in the desired course is much more now.


  • Umbrella

Before CUET every University used to have its own rule with the flexibility provided by UGC, but now under CUET umbrella, they have the same criterion for the admission so there is greater possibility that you can now choose the universities offering the same course which you are seeking.


  • What Student should be ready with

Remember one has to study with all concepts and dedication, because the entire exam is in MCQ type, true/false or table matching. Assertions and Reasoning, etc, but largely its MCQ based so one has to be sound and thorough with the chapters and logics, and smart to crack the questions asap.


What AVTE brings to Students

AVTE teaches yearlong courses(classroom offline and online) to make students perfect in school and CUET examination, along with that we run crash course on CUET to cover the parts that are not part of CBSE plus make them aware with more tricks and skills for the paper which is not subjective. 


For admission in Regular Course / Crash Course for next session call at #9871041788


YT : AVTE ( over 75k + students )

Location :  Plot No 1, Old Double Storey Lajpat Nagar – 4, New Delhi – 110024. INDIA

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