Dr Jojo V Joseph

Dr Jojo V Joseph – A Huge Role in Cancer Prevention

Dr Jojo V Joseph has a Huge Role in Cancer Prevention and Awareness in India. Cancer has become a real danger to our society. It is present among us, our friends, our families and the people we love. It continues to engrave its roots deep into society and to tackle this Surgical Oncologists are working very hard. They are spreading awareness, running campaigns and helping those who are already diagnosed with it and continue to struggle. 

Dr Jojo V Joseph is a globally recognized Onco Surgeon from Kerala, India. He holds more than 20 years of experience in the field of Cancer surgery. He completed his MS in General Surgery from M.P Shah Medical College Jamnagar. Apart from this, he did his MCh in OncoSurgery in 1999 from Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute B.J. Medical College Ahmedabad.

Today, he is one of the most reputed Surgical Oncologists who is currently working as a Senior Consultant at Caritas Cancer Institute Kottayam and Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital Kochi. Previously he worked as a Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospital. He is currently one of the best Oncosurgeons in Kerala. 

As a doctor, everyone aims to cure ailments and diseases, and Dr Jojo is no different, but he has a wider approach to cancer. While a few think that cancer cannot let you live happily or cannot be cured, he believes that his goal as a doctor is to help patients remain hopeful and bright. He helps them live a healthy lifestyle so that they can maintain the quality of their life. Having more than 20 years of experience and having operated on more than 16,000 cases, he has duly followed his duty, but he does not wish to stop. Instead, he wants to keep on helping people and achieve professional fulfilment and accomplish breakthroughs in surgical oncology practice.

He has played his role in various milestones when it comes to cancer. He is one of the senior-most MCh qualified Onco surgeons n in Kerala. With his knowledge and experience, Dr Jojo V Joseph has been a part of various social and medical campaigns and initiatives, to name a few. He played an important role in starting and commissioning Caritas Cancer Institute; CCI is the second non-Governmental Cancer Institute in Kerala. The next on the list is the developing Surgical oncology department at the Cancer Care Division of Apollo hospital in Dhaka, today known as Ever Care Hospital. Apart from these, he actively interacts with people and takes part in various community programmes and medical camps like cancer screening, early detection camps, tobacco cessation programmes, and the list goes on.


In his career, he has trained many surgeons in the field of Surgical Oncology, and his students are doing well on a global level. He also makes sure that people go for frequent check-ups, for which he takes up seminars, webinars etc. His wife, Dr Jincy Mathew, is also in the field of medicine and is currently working as a Consultant Radiologist at Caritas Hospital, Kottayam. 


Dr Jojo V Joseph makes the general public aware of what cancer is, what the symptoms are and how it can be treated. He is known for his humble and generous nature. He treats patients with utmost care without any flaws. 

He even has his own website where he shares his experiences, his stories and his knowledge with people so that they remain aware, and he also busts myths about cancer and clears doubts that they put forth. He is keen on using modern technology blended with his experience to help early detection of cancer and cure it. 

For his works in the field of Surgical Oncology, he has been honoured with various recognitions and awards. He continues to work hard and help people to lead beautiful life.  


To get in touch with Dr Jojo V Joseph, 

Visit; https://www.drjojojosephoncosurgeon.org/ 

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