Danesh Sambyal -Creating a corporate history

Danesh Sambyal, an amazing entrepreneur, who started his journey at a young age. He is an aspiring model and for his daily salary he works in a small firm as a labourer. It is well said that life keeps surprising, interesting from the production he started his career. Founder and CEO of Bz Productions, Danesh Sambhyal started his journey. It is well said that struggle comes with experience and experience comes with bad experience. And when you want to achieve something, even the universe supports you in every way. This inspiring struggle of Danesh Sambhyal budding entrepreneur, founder of Bz Productions and Trynia. Bz Productions and Trynia handle all film advertising, marketing, influencer marketing, advertising, public relations or media appearances. Manage events and work with other startups. Danesh, when he was young, had to face many difficulties and since he was in content production, his only interest was content marketing, which allowed him to create references. Starting with Bz Productions in Jammu and then Chandigarh, it started with young singers and famous people for music. Not only is he active on Muslate’s massive YouTube channel, every song on the album has received millions of views. Danesh believed in working with efficiency and constant work and worked to provide good quality to customers. It is always said that work does not require education but passion and experience. Not all journeys are accompanied by pleasant flowers, and some are accompanied by thorns and thistles. Not only did he start with the production work, but recently he started a foundation that takes care of young people who are looking for skills and talents. This foundation not only gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent, but also gives them a platform to gain recognition. BZ Foundation is the first NGO that not only gives young people the opportunity to achieve milestones, but also gives them a start for their future. Working in the influencer business in Trynia and Bz, Danesh has a network of more than 1200 influencers. Starting from Chandigarh and Jammu and covering all the cities of India,Danesh begins his journey.


Danesh Sambyal not only sets an example for all young people who dream of having their own things, but also sets a mark by working towards his destination. When you have the support of your family, you can grow more, but when you have no one to start something, the first thing you face is frustration and lack of motivation. Danesh tells that there was a time when he did not even know how it started. He has been working day and night building his own company Bz and Trynia, and apart from that he is working on different startups which are yet to come. Success is not a part, it is a statement. This issue requires a lot of hard work, patience, dedication and intelligence. In association with his team, Danesh has acquired all the qualities of success.  He believes in empowering the other person. Because success is achieved as a team, not as an individual. He trusted himself more and worked for his goals.


Danesh Sambyal , is the main idol of a young entrepreneur and a dedicated person. He is ready to launch many areas in business and take the business market to the next level.

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