Sunpreet Singh on his skin and hair care line with Vriksha Veda

Sunpreet Singh ensures a holistic way of living through his skin and hair care line – Vriksha Veda. The Delhi-based skin and hair care brand Vriksha Veda was established in 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic to bring the goodness of nature into every home. By providing knowledge and access to the true way of living without endangering the environment through sustainable methods, the brand lives up to its name. “Veda” denotes knowledge, while “Vriksha” means “tree.” Therefore, the brand strongly emphasises both, enhancing our quality of life and encouraging environmentally friendly behaviours. The company promotes a holistic way of living and commits to bettering the environment. As a result of its commitment to keeping its word, the company has a loyal client base.


Sunpreet Singh – Man behind Vriksha Veda

Vriksha Veda is a sustainable and eco-friendly skincare company founded by Ayurveda enthusiast Sunpreet Singh. Sunpreet encourages people to live their life in a better way through Ayurveda, yoga, and everything else related that has its roots in India. Sunpreet Singh has done BCA and is an expert in Calisthenics and yoga. He is aware of the importance of Ayurveda and the medicinal plants mentioned in it. He, therefore, founded Vriksha Veda with the assistance of his mother and sister to serve everyone with the blessings of nature and the pure love they offer. Sunpreet Singh set out to develop an eco-friendly and sustainable way of living for everyone after the epidemic reminded everyone about the effects of our actions to provide products that don’t harm the environment.


Mission, Vision and beliefs of the brand

Vriksha Veda believes in the magic of nature and its miraculous products, which are ideally suited to meet all human needs. As a result, the organisation strives to offer every household the best options while also doing its part to restore the environment. The company genuinely supports sustainable methods and promotes healthy living that follows a sustainable course. Additionally, Vriksha Veda offers reasonably priced goods since it thinks everyone should have access to the benefits of natural products.


Products and USPs

Vriksha Veda offers consumers all the unadulterated love and care of nature through its goods, which include a variety of botanical herbs, oils, wellness items, as well as sustainability principles based on traditional methods and techniques. Because Vriksha Veda believes that chemical products are damaging both to us and the environment, it offers only organic products created with the utmost care and highest quality using procedures like cold pressing oils and grinding in small quantities. The company gets its products straight from small-scale farmers in India and sells them to customers for incredibly affordable prices. The foundations of this sustainable brand are made with care by various artisans and are completely biodegradable. The business also promotes zero waste production, and as a result, its clientele is quite loyal.


In today’s world, a holistic way of living is more in demand. By promoting it through his locally produced, environmentally friendly skin and hair care line, Vriksha Veda, Sunpreet Singh recognises its need. By providing chemical-free products and promoting naturally occurring skin and hair care herbs that have been proven effective, the company restores the welfare of every family.


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