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BB Works-Recruiting is a tough job, when a company is hiring, it looks for various aspects but at times it is possible that it misses out essential details or even worse, cannot find the right person even if they are right in front of them. Vikas  has been actively working in this field from last 15 years and has helped various companies get the ‘perfect match’ for them. 

BB Works over the period has helped various large firms, startups, medium enterprises with their recruitment process and they continue to valor and achieve new heights. Vikas Dubey, Chief Talent Officer of BB Works, talks to us where he shares how the recruiting industry works and how the corporate world has changed. Vikas also shares his journey and says words to aspirants.

Bringing to you in conversation with Vikas Dubey.

Vikas, to start with can you tell us, what does a recruiting firm do, the basic work?

We are a recruiting agency, that means we Identify suitable candidates for our clients i.e., the companies. We are a Talent search services company that is growing rapidly. Imagine there are Multiple vacancies in a company and they are facing challenges in quickly staffing those roles,  so on behalf of that company our team of experts sit and identify the people who suit best for the position. This is how a recruiting agency works. We at BB works Specialize in Talent fulfillment around Cloud, Digital, DevOps and Data Analytics and also Support Leadership Hiring for our Customers. 

We are a company Focused on Niche Hiring, Emerging Tech stack hiring and Leadership hiring.

How did you enter the Recruiting Industry, what is your vision or plan?

I’ve been active as a recruiter for over 15 plus years now and have worked with various companies. Having worked in different countries like India, the United States, and few European countries and while working in different environments with different people and varied cultures, I got to learn a lot of things and as I learnt them, I applied all those learnings and experiences in applications. 

I’m a skilled networker and I used this skill of mine to connect with people and find which role suited them the best. As the opportunities matched the skillset of people, I as a recruiter grew confident and now after years of experience here I am. In the year 2020 BB Works was established by Me and Garima Dubey, the Co-founder, who is primarily Looking at the financial Health of the company.

What is the quality of yours that you appreciate the most?

Like I said, I’m good at networking . That is what I appreciate the most in myself besides confidence. If someone is connected to me once then we are forever connected. This is my approach, and I still have people on my phone in talking terms I connected professionally 15-17 years ago. 

As we come to an end of this session, Vikas, can you share the dynamics of your team at BB Works?

Well to start with our Co-founder, Garima Dubey. She is the person that gets everyone going and not to mention, but we are a women owned company and 90% of the workforce employed at BB Works is also women. Every person has their well-defined roles, open to criticism and appreciation. We have a team of experts who hold years of experience in this field. Due to great diversity in our organization, we have different opinions that always help us to improve and do better. A great proportion of the workforce includes returning mothers and we are proud of it.

Our Team comprehends the role better and thus lead to a greater conversion ratio. Our team is our family and they are their each other’s strength and they also assist clients in the recruiting journey and also help the potential candidate throughout the journey. 

Our Objective is to Deliver Superior Experience to our Clients, Candidates and colleagues.


This was Vikas Dubey, CTO; BB Works sharing how his and the company’s journey with us and how they’ve helped people and companies reach an altogether new height. 

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