In Conversation with Parveen Heerawala, Director of Heerawala Gold Hub Pvt Ltd

Parveen Heerawala-They say, ‘When you face hardships in life, you become strong and when you feel pressure you become diamond’ without these hardships one cannot succeed. This is the story of a person who once had everything on stake to make sure that he achieved his goal.

Parveen Heerawala, the diamond tycoon, and director of Heerawala Gold Hub Pvt Ltd today is well known and recognized not just across the country but around the world as well. He has come a long way it the past few years achieving various milestones and setting benchmarks in the industry. He and his team has grown out to be one of the most successful businessmen in the Jewelry Industry. 

Apart from this. He is also the president of Dilli Divas, a well-known and elite couple club in Delhi where various renowned people come and hangout.

We interacted with him to know more about him, to know how his journey was and what does he has to say to people out there. He is also a Young Achievers Award from DJSL (Delhi Jewelers’ Sports League) in 2020.

Read the Interview between our team and Parveen Heerawala, director of Heerawala Gold Hub Pvt Ltd.

Parveen, how do you feel when someone calls you a diamond tycoon?

(Laughs) I… I actually feel good because it is the reminder of all the hardships and rough times, I have been through to be here today. This title was just bestowed, if I may say this. I recall the days when I was struggling to find out what exactly I wanted to do and when I did, I realized the path I choose was not an easy one.

When did you decided that you wanted to be a businessman or you want to have your own business?

I’ll answer this with a backstory. I have a degree in B. Com LLB, though I did not want to pursue law but still for some reason and took the subject and went on study. I was clear from the college days that I wanted to have a business on my own but the only thing I could not figure out was what business? This question always bugged me. And it was later during my graduation period that I discovered exactly what I wanted to established and now only thing left was the know-how.

After you discovered that you wanted to be in Gems and Jewelry Industry what was the next step you took?

I had an entrepreneurial spirit and because of this I was ready to learn, so I went to Surat and Ahmedabad where I worked in a Diamond factory and learnt how exactly things work, what is the process and everything I learnt there helped me in my journey and even today it helps me while working and making crucial decisions for the company. 

The Gems and Jewelry industry has a huge market cap, especially in India it is expected to reach $480.5 Billion by 2025, and this industry is always growing with innovation and I always wanted to something innovative. After, I worked in Surat and Ahmedabad, I came to Delhi in 2001 to work with my brother and this was life turning event for me. 

When you started your business what the problems you faced? 

It was in 2001 that I fully shifted my business in Delhi and established my office and stores there. The biggest challenge in Gems and Jewelry industry is of running the business, there is a lot of competition and to be able to stand pit despite of this is a great challenge. The other thing is reliability of the customer, if they are happy our business is happy if they are not, our business is not.

Few years before I established my full-fledged business I used to travel up and down from Delhi to Rohtak, my hometown and then repeat the same cycle daily but I’ll be honest with you that those days played an important part in my life and in who I’m today.

What is something that you want to share the young minds or budding entrepreneurs looking to enter this field and what are your future plans?

To all those who are looking forward to enter the Gems and Jewelry industry or any business, because this is general for all; I’d say never stop learning, because while in business you learn every day and this is how you improve and make your product and services better.

This was in conversation with Parveen Heerawala where he shared his experiences and glimpse of his life.

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