Happho Completes More Than 400 House Projects In India

For most people, having their own house is their biggest dream. Even after they acquire the necessary finance and reach the stage where they can get an individual house built for themselves, they feel nervous and skeptical about how things would turn out to be. A major reason behind the stress they go through is the complex processes and multiple parties involved in a house construction project. In such a scenario, one company has made it possible for people to get their own house built without facing any hassle or difficulty.

Happho, a company that is based on the principle of making ‘Happy Homes’ for people in India, works as a one-stop solution provider for construction projects. The company has worked on and delivered more than 400 House projects so far and has shown great efficiency in putting together projects of different sizes and budgets. When you hire Happho, you can be sure about each and every responsibility associated with constructing your house being taken care of them.

Elaborating on what sets Happho apart from other companies in this space, its Co-founder Vinod Singh said, “We work in a very strategic manner. While we work towards bringing the client’s vision come to life in the most effective manner, we ensure that they don’t go through any distress or inconveniences that are involved in a construction project. The client can decide the extent to which they wish to be involved with the day-to-day activities pertaining to the project. We offer consultation based on the brief provided by the client and then, give them quotations or estimates after analyzing everything. We operate on transparent pricing models and are known for doing things in a cost-effective manner. While putting together a proposal, we prepare 2-dimensional plans and rendered 3-dimensional views to ensure the client gets a good idea about how the project will shape up. This Design + Build Solution along with government lesioning gives a truly end-to-end solution in this space for our customer”

People who have built a house of their own are well-aware of the issues involved in dealing with several agencies and parties whose assistance you need to put things in order. Such issues are also faced by individuals who hire construction companies or individual contractors to build their houses. However, if you speak to somebody who has collaborated with Happho on a construction project, they will tell you that they didn’t come across any such hurdle.

“Once the project gets approved by a client, we start working towards putting together a well-defined workflow for it. We run the proposal through our experts and then, embark upon the process of procuring the requisite government liaising, permits, and certifications for the purpose of the construction project. We have a solid team of professionals, including engineers and architects, in place to ensure work happens smoothly and gets completed on time and within the budget committed. We are also working with some manufacturers to ensure that we get the best pricing on the materials and the benefits are passed on to the customers”

Despite working with multiple clients at the same time, Happho ensures that no compromise is made as far as the quality of work is concerned. Each and every construction project delivered by Happho comes with 5 year of service warranty. The company rests on the foundation of its core team which is highly experienced and skillful. While Happho’s main office is based in Pune, the company has carried out construction projects successfully in different cities and towns in India.

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