Storywallah Shares his Nostalgic Breakfast Tales

Storywallah A man of many abilities, Kumar Ganeshan is well-known for his effective and successful marketing skills  He has established himself in the field of marketing communication and has consistently displayed his best qualities over the past 28 years. He has devotedly served the globe with his skill set. He is industrious, inventive, and original, but his entrepreneurial talents really shine out. His Instagram page “storywallah 80” needs to be highlighted among all of his incredible work since it produces incredibly valuable content that millions of people adore and follow.The phrase “breakfast tale” speaks for itself when it describes how he used food to create a sense of being at home and how his story created a sense of being with a loved one. He can’t be any less inventive in coming up with an idea that has impacted life in an inconceivable way while also evoking the deepest sense of nostalgia.



If there is anything that can be attributed to the lockdown, it would be the vast amount of creativity that it inspired in people. Like other people, he too developed a passion for and propensity for food. And in order to turn his idea into reality and follow his love, he created a page that continues to win hearts with each piece he puts on it. One of the things that has helped him succeed is his understanding of how short form material works effectively in the market. By doing this, he gives exactly what the audience wants. He has formed a nexus and ensures that each breakfast narrative of his has a touch of ease, affection, and affinity.One million fans currently appreciate and respect him for his work. Each of his pieces of content has so much to offer that it compels readers to share it as widely as they can. His writing style also grabs your attention since it transports you to a place where you genuinely feel close to him and the dialogue is taking place across the table. His content successfully conveys the cosiness of delicious food, and one reason he and his breakfast tales are so well-liked is that they bring the spirit of the Malgudi days back into focus.Although it hasn’t yet been turned into a business, it has already attracted the love and attention anyone could hope for. He devotes his entire attention to composing it and completing it first thing in the morning. By 2023, his second book, Storywallah Returns, which is slated to captivate readers’ attention and make them think about love, will be released. His first book, Storywallah, which was published by half baked beans, has been influencing people in a crazy way.


Additionally, he co-founded and participated in a number of well-known, acknowledged, and profitable businesses, including Kaleido Communications, Thought Pixels, Good Old Delight, and the wealth zone apparel concept. He consistently provided the best performance in anything he chose. It makes sense because he has been engaging readers with his idea through really enjoyable writing. His book has received five-star ratings, and copies of them have flown off the shelves in a flash. The same is expected for his upcoming book, which is due out in 2023. Many people look up to him because he started from nothing and created his own brand.A simple notion carried out with sincere efforts and a vision accompanying it achieved all the heights and will continue to do so. He has done everything possible to make it happen, and his narrative of going from nothing to millions  inspires many people to work hard and achieve their goals in anything they believe has the potential to improve the lives of others.


He is an inspiration and his experience has made him what he is today.


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