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Young entrepreneurs from Central India creating amazing success stories through Digital Marketing

Young entrepreneurs Raj Solanki and Dipesh Gome, two young entrepreneurs from Indore

RPM Group India is a joint venture by two brilliant young entrepreneurs from Indore. They operate on 4 verticals RPM Advertise, RPM Garba Dresses, RPM Blogs and The Virgin Blogs, with a team of 8 core members and over 50 associates. They operate in many cities in India and internationally in some major countries, like Canada, USA, and Dubai. They have been operational for a decade, creating many successful, happy stories for their clients, customers, and brands that they have worked with.

They have served and promoted over 2000 national and international clients, covering a range of sectors; FMCG, Hospitals, Hotels, and Stores. Their expertise comes from their experience working on many projects, giving them a successful reputation in marketing, media management, event management, web promotion, and advertising.

From renting and selling Garba dresses to building brand presence to keeping up with all the latest trends and news to event planning, they do it all splendidly, going above and beyond to live up to their client’s expectations!

While firms were letting people go left and right during the lockdown, RPM Advertise was one of the few who held onto their employees, giving them flexible working hours and helping them whenever needed!

India is home to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, with Adani becoming one of the top-richest people in the world. Despite numerous challenges, these two business owners have succeeded by persisting and innovating. 

Mr Raj Solanki

Mr Raj Solanki is the first of the duo. Starting with almost nothing, he has established a very successful business. Losing one’s father is always traumatic, especially at an age when you are trying to find yourself. You may even lose yourself, but not Raj. He overcame all adversities and came out even more robust and humbler!

From working odd jobs for clients to establishing his dream organisation, Mr Solanki has proved that perseverance, determination, and hard work pay off in the end. With over a decade of experience in marketing and advertising, Raj has made it his mission to help his clients achieve all their objectives, going above and beyond to make it happen.

Raj has an impressive master’s degree from DAVV, Indore, one of the best colleges in Central India. His skilled mindset, knowledge of marketing, and business ethics have helped RPM Advertise become one of the most trusted names in the market. 

Mr Dipesh Gome

As an entrepreneur and part-time students, we rarely come across success stories of young entrepreneurs who earn a name for themselves without any support – because only a few people can do that. Dipesh Gome is one of those people. After completing school, he started his business without financial backing; together with his friend, he built a successful company. When his other friends were busy partying and spending their father’s money, Dipesh decided to hustle hard to make his dream come true.

We usually hear about entrepreneurs who drop out of their colleges to build a successful start-up but not Dipesh Gome. He somehow managed both his studies along with his booming business. At the moment, he is pursuing his MBA from PIMR, Indore.

When he started, he did not know what to do or how to do it. But he expanded his business and took it to new heights with his strong willpower, perseverance, sense of responsibility, and drive to give the best services to every client!

As the heads of RPM Advertise, both Raj and Dipesh have successfully imparted their knowledge and sharpened the skills of aspiring marketers with their internship programs.

Dipesh and Raj are continuing to work on the road to success; currently, they are working on new projects to help the younger generation and expand their business verticals. 

Starting a business begins with an idea, followed by research and reaching out to people who can help. The brilliant minds behind RPM Advertise have learned a great deal throughout their decade of working, and this is what they have to say to all the young and aspirant entrepreneurs. 

Start Early – You will always feel that you need more information, more this, more that, but all you are doing is delaying your prospects of success. This doesn’t mean you should jump into the first thing you find, but you should research as well as you can and take the step. It will never feel like the right time; you must make it right!

Aim big: No star is far enough, and no ocean is deep enough if you have the drive. You may think, “What if I fail?” “Is this even a good idea?” “What would others think if I fail?” But these are just negative thoughts you need to squash to progress towards success.

Reinvest in your business: This is one of the best pieces of advice we have heard; it is to reinvest in your industry. When your business takes off, and you start earning well, then rather than spending that money on frivolous things or investing in other avenues, you should invest it in your business. This will help you grow much faster; more capital, more growth.

Work brilliant: Hustle culture place too much importance on hard work, but it is wise to do work that will take you to new heights. It would help if you found better ways to do tedious work. Otherwise, it will consume all your time, leaving you none to work on expanding your business. 

Get ready to fail: Don’t think about failing too much but be prepared if you do, so that you can get back up on your feet as soon as possible. Failure is the pillar of every success story, so you should embrace your failures, learn from them, and start anew.


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