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Ankur Barjatiya Opens Up and Talks About his Two Failed Business and What it to Start a New One

Ankur Barjatiya After a lot of darkness, the light always shows up. When you work hard with consistency and determination, it does not go away in vain. This has been proved true by Ankur Barjatiya. He has come a long way in his journey of becoming an entrepreneur. After learning from his failures and taking lessons from them, he is currently the owner of four successful businesses active in different sectors.

Ankur Barjatiya is a business tycoon with a great vision and is passionate about the work he undertakes. In an exclusive interview with our team, he opened up about his life, passion, and work.

Bringing this to you in conversation with Ankur Barjatiya.

Hello Ankur Barjatiya, it is great to have you with us. Can you talk about yourself and your work to our audience?

Hi, thank you for having me. I feel good here. I’m Ankur Barjatiya, founder of four different businesses, and these four businesses are other. I started because I did not want to work a 9 to 5 routine job; instead, I wanted to do something exciting, and that is when I discovered that I wanted to start a business of my own.

Currently, I am running online stores; one is related to travelling and tourism, which allows people to book tickets, vehicles, and packages without any hassle and make their trip memorable. The other store is a lady’s wear store that offers a variety of clothes at very affordable prices under one roof. Another store is for kids and girls; we provide various types of kids’ wear that are comfortable and affordable. 

Besides this, there is an online mart by the name 4You Mart that helps you with your daily needs, grocery and all the other household needs in one place.

That is great! Can you share how you manage all these businesses?

This is just me Ankur Barjatiya . I need a team or people to sort things out. All the companies and social media are all alone, I’m a one-person army, and this is all possible because of my passion. 

You must have seen various challenges and struggles in your journey of building businesses. What were these, and what did you learn from them?

I have seen my fair share of struggles and learnt a lot from them. It is a lie if I say that I did not. Every journey has phases and ups and downs. Before the online business, I had my truck transport for 18 years. I owned and managed that business, but in the year 2018, due to a sudden change in government policies like Goods and Service Tax (GST) and as a result, my business suffered huge losses, and it depreciated like anything. After my 18 years old collapsed, it took me some time to process it.

I learnt a lot during my earlier days; the foremost thing was always being ready for anything. Unforeseen things hit fatally. I again restarted my business, this time something new through a WhatsApp Group in August 2018 and a Website, 2019. It was going quite well until, in 2020, COVID-19 hit. As I said, unforeseen things hit worse, and I was back to square one again. 

After COVID, how did you restart? This was after your two businesses collapsed.

After COVID-19, there was a pause in my life because my two businesses were already down, and to start incredibly, I needed a lot of moral support, first and then the rest of the things. My family supported me, my friends did, and then I started my third business with more learning and determination. 

I started my eCommerce sites; one was which was dedicated to Lady’s Wear and collection, and the other was, which was devoted to Girls and Infants. I started it with borrowed funds and almost all family funds. When in 2022, my e-commerce sites were at their peak and were going I came up with my aviation and hospitality artificial site,, with unique features no other travel site or agency has, and since then, it has been loved by people and has enormous traffic.

To whom do you give credit for your success?

If I were to credit my qualities, it would be my entrepreneurial streak and passion. It has only been possible because of my family and friends; they are the most vital part of my life. After two huge losses in business and after they collapsed, when was life still? My family and friends never lost trust in my efforts and helped me out in every possible way despite not having anything with me or on my side.

This was in conversation with Ankur Barjatiya, who shared his journey, work, and failures with us. When Ankur is not working, he can be found eating, partying or travelling

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