George Thomas Kochery is Keen on Bringing the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Life

George Thomas Kochery is renowned for having an entrepreneurial mind and the zeal of an entrepreneur in his eyes. Born and reared in Kochi, he had an innate passion for business, which he put into practise as soon as he understood the potential of his ideas. After finishing his education as a computer science engineer in Kochi, he couldn’t help but put his concept for Globosoft into action. Being the founder of Globosoft, he is committed to and has been in charge of business in South India that offers services for developing e-commerce websites and digital marketing campaigns. Globosoft was founded in the year 2010, and since then, they have improved and advanced in every way conceivable.Because of the positive word-of-mouth the business had generated and the high calibre of the services they provided, he was inspired to grow it and add a branch in Montpellier, France. Through his incredible endeavours, he has brought his passion to life.


More than 40 IT professionals are currently employed by Globosoft. They have experience in e-commerce website creation, digital marketing, website development, and mobile app development. Their high-quality services have drawn an increasing number of customers to them. For those who are inspired by him and are familiar with him, acknowledge his other work in his other business. Choose my fresh, a 2022 startup that runs virtually and is appreciated as a go-to source for fresh and quick curry kits. His primary motivation for founding this company was to provide quick and fresh curry kits for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that were paired with taste.People prefer it for its taste and frequently order it because of this. In its beta edition, they presently serve more than 100 orders every day. They built their reputation by providing healthy products at reasonable prices. The business is still expanding and growing, making it the go-to place in the city for fresh, high-quality fruits, veggies, and non-vegetarian curry kits. Customers can choose from a variety of items on their menu, including fresh and high-quality fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, mutton, and non-vegetarian curry kits Their unique selling feature is the 100 various flavour combinations of their convenient instant curry kits, which take only a few minutes to prepare.They are chosen by their consumers time and time again for their quality as well as for their freshness and hygiene, which they maintain as their top priorities. They are also known to stock all the products that have undergone ozone washing. Their dedication has always been to provide a convenient and palatable experience. They have retained and improved the ordering mechanism, which offers everyone ease of use and accessibility, so that their convenience is felt in more ways than just how quickly they deliver it.


George Thomas Kochery has always lent a helping hand to the youth to start all the fantastic ideas they think could come out amazingly, and his work is widely supported and motivating for young minds. He has always been and still is a fantastic mentor and advisor to other aspiring and developing business people. It is impossible to overstate his role to inspiring young people through his own efforts and encouragement from mentors. He also serves as the director of Zawft Solutions Private Limited, a business that manufactures healthcare IT products. He also works with both startups and large companies as an IT and digital marketing consultant. He has a tonne of experience and is well-known for being an expert in his field.His contributions have set the bar high for those working in the same area. His work at Globosoft and Choose my Fresh earned him numerous awards and publications, as well as numerous accolades. His influence will extend to numerous other generations in addition to the one we are in right now.


George Thomas Kochery commitment and adherence to business ethics are widely acknowledged throughout South India. In order for Globosoft to succeed in the cutthroat business, he works and dreams about it. Every business he has worked on and continues to work on has reached new heights. He views it as his duty to use his entrepreneurial spirit to make every attempt to turn a possible concept into a reality.


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