Mrs. Neelima Jain -“Words are the instruments which makes the man (writer) an immortal”.

The above statement’s accuracy has been very well signified by this passionate writer, Mrs. Neelima Jain  whose constant love for writing has given her enough name and fame in her mid age.

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Talents neither have any age limit to be, nor there is a limit to be portrayed; it’s just the passion of living in that magical world which has been made by our desire to live the life and the care we show to ourselves. Mrs. Neelima Jain is a passionate writer, blogger and a Yoga instructor.


She has been acknowledged for her amazing writing skills by  many popular platforms like Pocket Novel, Your Quote and Mansarovar etc. She hails from Ajmer, Rajasthan and currently residing at Agra, UP with her loving family. Since younger years she was gifted with a vivid imagination and unbounded creativity, which helped her in becoming a metaphysical writer. Love for nature molded her into a Romantic writer. In her early writing process, she got inspired by the famous works of renowned Amrita Pritam ji and Tasleema Nasreen ji, that directed her creativity toward exploring the emotional paradigm of a normal being.


She has never thought of putting any sort of impression on the world through her unique talent of expression. She was just going with the flow of the time and her thoughts that popped out from her beautiful mind like bubbles, and finger hopping on the paper with a pen. However, with the encouragement from her children she took the step of publishing her first book ever, named as BEHTI BHAVNA under K&K Publication house ( ), a very Young and talented initiative of some great creative mentors.


During the Covid Pandemic, she participated in online writing competitions. One of her early writing “Laghu Katha” which was published on an online platform, attracted the attention of Pocket Novel Inc. A story named “Abir ki Aankhain” was published there, which brought her admiration. After this mesmerizing success, she never stopped venturing more into the writing world.


She started her journey of presenting her work to the literary community with an offline show QUOTE JALSA 2.0 at Agra. On 21/09/2020, she participated in her first online open mic event named “Alfaz dil ke” and won accolades from all that were present and even participating. She became an active member of a renowned writing community named Mansarovar, that she still is.


She says that the unsaid emotions are the best form of conveying your thoughts to the world where everybody is connected deeply, if only you know the art of expressing them. She feels immensely blessed for her talent of writing and art of conveying.


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