Solving the Live-Work-Study Equation with Ashwin Patel, Careers Lead Chief Coach


Everyone is a genius, but if you assess a fish by its ability to climb a tree, people will say the fish is pretty stupid as its main skill is swimming.”

  • Albert Einstein


Ashwin Patel-Every individual has a distinct personality, making them fit for a specific lifestyle, social circle, and profession. Unfortunately, most realize this a bit too late. They end up being stressed out due to the wrong choices in life. Making the right decisions based on one’s personality is crucial in building a satisfying life. One needs a mentor or counsellor to express this individuality and make the right choices that align with their personality. 


The need today for such a guide is now more than ever, considering the many career opportunities. The abundance of choices leaves the students confused about making the right decision. With their counselling, advice, analysis, and research, a career counsellors can play a significant role in helping them choose a suitable professional direction for themselves. 


Career counselling will assist you, so take advantage of it,” said Ashwin Patel, Founder of


With an experience of more than three decades as an executive coach, Ashwin Patel is helping individuals and corporations lead effectively and achieve their goals. He has worked with and helped directors, CEOs, and other corporate executives attain their full potential, serve their employees, and live meaningful lives. Ashwin counselled over 31,575 people, assisting them in improving their performance and achieving their objectives. He has served and worked in senior capacities with organizations such as Real Value, Standard Chartered Bank, Fascel Ltd Now Vodafone, Citibank, IPRU, Axis Bank, Tata Tele, Citi Financial, and Reliance Mobile. Given his extensive experience and track record of generating results, he has also been asked to launch high-profile custom work and initiatives. 


Ashwin’s career counselling has the potential to help people struggling to make the right decision, overwhelmed by the many choices laid in front of them. Fresh graduates are mostly the ones who struggle the most. They feel lost after completing college and may be unsure where to begin, especially those residing in developing countries. Due to the lack of opportunities in their countries, they find themselves at a point where they are unsure if taking the plunge and moving to another country for better academic opportunities could be a good strategy or not. Unfortunately, considering how expensive life abroad might be, they decide to stay back and accept things as is.  


But Ashwin Patel is putting in efforts to help Students & Professional find a path best suited for them to achieve their dreams. Students can adapt to a live work-study in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, or any European country. It is challenging but possible! Mr Ashwin Patel guides these young minds to get to the top by preparing them for a prosperous professional life. 


Sometimes students find themselves stuck even after obtaining professional counselling. But Ashwin doesn’t just until the person is at ease and sure of what they wish to do. Ashwin asks intriguing and engaging questions, provides support and new insights into their lives and decisions, and guides them through a specifically-tailored approach. His expert techniques play a vital role in helping people discover their ambitions, confront their fears, and let go of behaviours that prevent them from achieving their life goals. 


Ashwin offers his in-person services at the Vadodara or Melbourne office. But all coaching sessions and initial consultations can take place virtually from anywhere in the world via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams in the Daytime. He also offers extended evening and weekend hours, allowing people to connect at their convenience. 


One may interact with him and discuss their career goals. He uses psychometric tests to recommend the best solutions based on test results. He then assists his clients in deciding whether they want a student visa, a migration visa, a permanent residency visa, or a work visa. This also helps them decide their ideal destinations from Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, or any European country. 


Mr Ashwin Patel knows the struggle of moving abroad and how expensive of an affair it can be. This is why he pushes for and has helped many students achieve a live-work-study life in these countries. It not only helps the students stay occupied and busy with their time and learn life skills, but it also helps to pay off some bills. 


Simply schedule a Call on your calendar to schedule a session with him. Following that, you will be able to contact Ashwin Patel regardless of where you are in the world.



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