This winter, ENVIE ESCASO shares 5 cool ways to wear loafers with casuals and formals.


Loafers have long been a part of men’s fashion, but they’ve recently become the hottest trend and are quickly selling out. The versatility of a loafer is what has made it a crowd favourite. Loafers with casuals and formals are always a great option. Why not see it yourself? 

If you’re new to loafers and are clueless about how to style them, stay on board as this post is tailored for you. Here is a compilation of 5 ways to style loafers with casuals as well as formals. Your new year styling is about to upgrade!

  • The casual-clean look

When you’re out running errands or having casual meet-ups with friends, just pair up your loafers with jeans and tees, and you’re good to go. Experiment with a pop of colour in your loafer of choice to add oomph to your otherwise crisp, simple look.

  • The modern look

This is the easiest thing to put together for modern men. The slim-fit pants and loafers create a fantastic modern look.

  • The semi-formal look

Pair up your favourite jacket with a loafer, and it’s a great semi-formal look. The look is just the perfect balance between formal and casual.

  • The peek-a-boo look

You wouldn’t want your pants to hide your loafers and level down your look. A stylish solution is to fold your pants or wear ankle-length pants to show off your ankles and highlight your loafers.

  • The cool winter look

Loafers with long coats will give you an effortless winter look. Neutrals and blacks are the colours for a classy winter look. 

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Style-tips :

  • In a casual setting, loafers are your ultimate go-to footwear.
  • Pair them with some khakis, shorts, or casual jeans.
  • While most loafers are typically worn without socks, Dare for the no-show socks.
  • Add them to your formal style by going for the classy leather ones. The tassel detailing can be an added bonus.
  • We would recommend suede loafers that can be paired with almost every style.
  • Explore different colours and details to make the right style statement.


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