Let’s HEAL the WORLD – Through Team NeetiBisht®


Team NeetiBisht® under the leadership of a multi talented Indian Miss. Neeti Bisht helps in the moral upliftment of the creative minds. The participating creative minds from varied age groups are exposed in a learning and networking environment.

April 23-30, 2023 is reserved for Andaaz- A Style of Creation- a Group Art Exhibition with an Open theme and a cause – “Preserving Culture”. The magnificent creations in various categories – Painting, Photography, Craft, Performing Arts can be viewed at Kalavathi Art Gallery, 6 Ansari Marg, Daryaganj, New Delhi – 110002

The innovative team has done several offline and online activities since 2020 including but not limited to exhibitions, workshops, award ceremonies, music video, art classes etc. 

The handmade beautiful creations of Vivek, Shantanu, Kalai, Neeti, Chetna can be cherished. 

The creations are kept for sale purposes. 10% of the sales amount will be donated to the TRANS community. We encourage influential people of society to come forward and procure the creations of a vibrant creative fraternity. We thank the art buyers for their support. The creations are available for purchase at-  http://www.neetibisht.in/product/andaaz

An avid reader- Miss. Neeti Bisht is a multilingual and a multitalented Indian. She penned down an e-poem book titled as “Delhi Born”, co-authored an anthology titled as “The Epiphany of Words”. She won Runners Up title-Delhi in Empress universe-2018. She lives a spiritual, vegan and a non-alcoholic lifestyle. She won ART QUEEN -2020 title and various other awards as an artist. She lives with her parents in New Delhi, India. She is a kind hearted soul, and has been a consistent promoter of women empowerment. 

The innovative team operates from Monday – Friday (11:00 AM-05:00 PM IST) from New Delhi, India and can be reached out through any of the channels like Linkedin, Instagram, Telegram, Whats App etc. We are flexible with the course timings, and reasonable in the cost criteria. Let us help you in adding value to your life. Let’s get immersed in the colors of Humanity.


Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/neetibisht

Instagram – @teamneetibisht

Telegram –  https://t.me/neetibisht

Website – https://www.neetibisht.in

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