‘Wooble’ the advancement of digital portfolio


India is going to witness a new age  digital portfolio platform in the appellation of ‘wooble’. 

Wooble is a one step solution for the individuals who are thriving to create their digital presence not only by social media presence but also with work and career presence.


A digital portfolio which is becoming a necessity and demand for the youth as everything is getting digitalized. A portfolio is a collection of an individual’s work, achievements, and experiences that are present in an organized way, a portfolio may include a variety of items, such as resumes, job descriptions,educational qualifications, digital projects. photographs, and other materials that can be used to demonstrate one’s capabilities or skills.


Wooble gives a plethora of features, to increase one’s digital presence, be it an aesthetic look to one’s portfolio, keeping a safe key on important documents, resume and unlimited pictures and video. Its highlights are it gives digital email signature, magic contact sharing and customized personal domain.


During lockdown, as everything went digital and the engagement of people grew digitally the idea of digital portfolio with a holistic approach made Wooble emerged. Mr Akash Jaiswal founder and CEO of Wooble quotes this ‘Wooble serves as a platform of digital portfolio which gives a holistic experience to individuals who are thriving to make their digital presence’. Wooble’s mission is to enhance professions with the passion to have their digital presence, with the vision to make it more customer centric.




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